Prom Dress Throw Down – It’s Oscar Night!

AllyG: In honour of Oscar night, I have accepted L-A’s twitter challenge and will be posting photos of me wearing my prom dress in current day. I bribed the husband to take a couple photos (he is now allowed to play xbox tonight instead of having to watch me bitch about the dresses on the red carpet). In the following photos I will be sporting my prom dress from 13 YEARS AGO, a royal blue sequined number that I designed myself, as you will certainly be able to tell from the photos. My mom’s friend helped me make it. I am holding onto it in case BabyG would like to wear it some day. Without further ado:

First photo. BabyG couldn’t get enough of the shine. Also, I thought it would be funny to say, “Here’s a photo of me in my prom dress holding my baby!” A sentence my father hoped he would never, ever have to hear. I love you, Dad!

I admire the way Renee Zellweger poses like it is her last pose ever on Earth.


I tried to replicate, but kept laughing. The husband suggested I swiffer while posing as I’d, “been promising to swiffer all week anyway.” It helped!

So, there, now it is up to you ladies. We want your prom dress photos. It’s a throw down, bitches.

Sidebar: Excuse the hair, it’s a Sunday…give me a break here. Also, I’m not sure why my dress is sparkling purple  on top like that. I didn’t bedazzle it that way.

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