“Proper Thing!”

I’m not gonna lie bloggies, it’s hard keeping up the work all day and party all night schedule. I’m exhausted, but extremely happy to be at the same time! It’s amazing how being away from routine can make you do things like eat a lobster sandwich for breakfast! Ha! I made it for lunch, but didn’t have time to have breakfast so before ya knew it, I’m savouring the delicious rich sweet lobster sammie for my first fuel of the day! “Proper thing” I says 😉


So as soon as I got home from work, I had another amazing lobster sandwich waiting for me prepared by Lynn! How awesome is that??? We were on a strict time schedule to get out the door to get back down town for our Keith’s Brewery Tour. I quickly changed and freshened up and was ready to hit the road again! The girlies were running a little behind since they had a full day of running around the city and grocery shopping for our HUGE group Thanksgiving dinner we’re having tonight (yay!), so we were slightly late :-S


It was the first Brewery Tour I’ve ever done (which I was ashamed to say since I live in Halifax and I was a student here too!) I’ve only ever been in here for the Saturday Farmer’s Market so it was neat to see it all vacant and at night. I actually had a chance to really appreciate the historic architecture. It’s pretty incredible:

(There was something up with my camera for the first part of the night 🙁 )


So far we haven’t abused the guys “too” much with taking pictures of the girls with 10 cameras, but we took the opportunity here:


The actors during the tour were very enthusiastic and cute. It IMG_6294was just our group on the tour so we didn’t mind having fun with them a little bit too 😉 They spoke with the “traditional” Maritime accent and said things like “proper thing” over and over and it invoked a lot of warm and proud Maritime feelings. I love being a Maritimer and I love Halifax! I honestly couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

She kept saying that “Mr. Keith” was in a meeting and was running late, but he never did show! lol

We were brought into a dining room which had a video screen where we learned a little bit about Alexander Keith’s history and lots of “proper thing” references were included.IMG_6302

IMG_6299 We were then brought through the brewery where we got to see how they “used” to crush the barley with a mortar and pestle IMG_6303

And Andrew got to be the poor sucker who felt what it used to feel like:


Alexander Keith’s brewing papers and desk:


Learned more about how the beer was made, stored and most importantly given “time” that it needs:

(so annoyed at my camera)


And the magic:


This is what “hops” look like! I was really interested in this because my grandfather told me stories about how they used to find hops in the woods (wild) and use them to make home made bread!


Jaime held up the sample from the big beer batch which still wasn’t quite ready yet!

Time to get in to the “bar” for some tasting!


I am not a beer drinker at all, but I am never shy to try things. I decided I would give it a taste, since it was the “proper thing” being at the Alexander Keith’s Brewery, the oldest brewery in North America! I had the “white” beer and it was actually really good! I had never been a fan of regular bottles of Keith’s beer, but for some reason I liked this kind!

Down the stone hallway to play some poker with barley chips!

IMG_6330IMG_6329Before we knew it, the tour was over and it was time to move on over the the Red Stag Tavern for some drinks, eats, good music and good company!


I was happy only to split an appetizer since I had the best lobster sandwich before we left, so Lynn and I shared the Red Stag Nachos with chili for dipping.


Can I just say that caramelized onions on nachos with chili is the best combination I’ve ever had on nachos! I loved it!


Tasha and Jen also had nachos and some mussels and I had to tryIMG_6340 the mussels too! I love mussels! And the creamy garlicy sauce was devine!


Tasha and I have been doing these poses for over 10 years!

It was open mike night and I thoroughly enjoyed both of the musicians who played.


Beer flowed…


Lots of good times!




Then it was time to move the party on to The Old Triangle! At first we couldn’t fit the group of us at one table and Cat was sad:


But then we hi-jacked some more tables to put them together and all was good again! Lesley made her way down to join the group and that girl always puts an extra skip in my step 🙂 I loff her 😀

IMG_6354Tasha also convinced me to try Strongbow! I LOVED it! That girl has never let me down for anything she’s had me try!

Somehow by that point there were not many more pictures on my camera!

It was time for this girl to get her butt home and get to bed though because I had to work in the morning! Only one more and thennnnnn it’s long weekend!!!!!!!!!

See you later for our Thanksgiving Dinner!

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