Protest and Counter Protest – Halifax

**** HRP Media Release

On the 22nd of June, Halifax Regional Police responded to planned rally/protest and counter protest at Grand Parade Halifax.​ The National Citizens Alliance had a permit for a rally/protest and the Halifax Against Hate group planned a counter protest.

At 10:00 a.m. the Halifax Against Hate group has set up in Grand Parade with approximately 150-200 people.​ Shortly after noon, members of the National Citizens Alliance arrived with 4 adult males.​ Police spoke with both sides in an effort to keep the peace between both groups.​

The National Citizens Alliance was not able to set up in Grand Parade and while attempting to do so, a member was assaulted by an adult male from Halifax Against Hate.​ Police arrested a 34 year old male from Halifax and he was charged with Breach of the Peace.​ A large number of protesters took to the streets.​ Multiple patrol officers responded to Grand Parade to restore order and separate the two groups.​ Shortly after all involved left the area.

At 2:15 p.m., Halifax Regional Police returned to Grand Parade as the National Citizens Alliance returned and set up a speaker system and sign.​ At 2:52 p.m., members of the Halifax Against Hate group returned (wearing masks) and swarmed the National Citizens Alliance members.​ One male wearing a mask ripped a sign and took it with him, while other unknown persons assaulted the National Citizens Alliance.​

Police intervened arrested the male that damaged the sign and left with the sign.​ While in the process of arresting the male, the police officer was also swarmed and deployed Pepper Spray to disperse the crowd.​ The protesters from both group eventually left without further incidents.

Police have charged a 28 year old male from Halifax with:

  • Unlawful Assembly,
  • Property Damage,
  • Theft Under $5000

The 28 year old male will be released with a Halifax Court date and an Undertaking with conditions.​ No one was reported to police as being injured.​ The male arrested and charged was treated by Paramedics for Pepper Spray.

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