Protesters oppose landfill plan | The Chronicle Herald #Sackville Being Dumped On! (Kinda)


Pic From The Chronicle Herald Article. (I cropped It)

O.K. first of all-I support these people! At first glance I thought we were about to throw down with them!
They are protesting some proposed changes at the landfill near Otter Lake which would stop sorting of organic materials and allow possible toxic substances into the dump as well as adding more volume. ^SeeLink^
That is where Sackville comes into play…our dump was basically a free-for-all as far as what got tossed into it over the decades. So these folks decide to send the message “Say No To Sackville”. I guess we are the poster children for toxic waste dwellers LOL. Oh well, at least we are a happy bunch…glowing eyes and all :/

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