Proudly Canadian

In particular, proudly Nova Scotian. Can I just say… WOW!

You may not know this about me but I pretty much grew up in a rink. My brother played hockey and I tagged along a lot of the time. (I admit, it was mainly to check out all the eye candy, haha) But I did learn a lot about the game. Oh and when I was really young I was quite the Brett Hull fan. ;-P I collected all the hockey cards and pretty much thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Hubby isn’t really into hockey so I haven’t really paid much attention recently but we caught bits and pieces of the Men’s Gold Medal Game, Canada vs US including the last period and the OT! How freaking amazing was that?! LOVED the awesome twitter convo during it all too. And, it was pretty freaking special that the hockey Gods managed to play both “Don’t Stop Believing” & “I’ve Got A Feeling.” <—Those would be meaningful songs to our special group of bloggers.

Sunday was a pretty great day all over. Melanie and I managed to get in almost 13K despite the weird weather. When I first got to Point Pleasant Park it was raining and I thought we might end up cancelling but thankfully it let up. Made for a damp, chilly run though. And to be honest, my head wasn’t in it but we stuck it out and I’m glad. Only 82 days left until the run.

I met up with the girlies later for a wonderful catch up brunch at Cora’s. First time in ages that we’ve ALL been able to make it! So between this very unflattering pic and the fact Some how forgot to pack a change of clothes in all my rushing around this morning, I look like a total slob next to the rest of them. *blushes*

From left to right – Me, Ang, Tash, Lex, Jaime & Lesley.


IMG_1273 IMG_1274

I was really hungry after my run and decided to splurge on the Asparagus & Swiss Eggs Benedict w/ added tomato.

Side of ham. Yeah, I can’t get enough of it lately. Mmm this this was a delish meal!

IMG_1270 IMG_1272

Since apparently we’re not allowed to go near Susie’s without going in…. we took a quick detour for some much raved about cupcakes. 🙂

I enjoyed mine with a low fat, half sweet caramel latte from the ‘bucks. Half sweet is definitely the way to go, much better. Thanks for the tip Jaime.

IMG_1280 IMG_1287

It was was touch decision to chose between all the yummy looking cupcakes but I eventually settled on the Susie’s Classicvanilla cake topped w/ pink vanilla buttercream & pink sprinkles.

It was good; the cake tasted homemade and the icing was so rich. This was most definitely a day of indulgence on my part. 🙂

Ang chose the Lemon Coconutvanilla cake topped w/ coconut buttercream & lemon Curd & rolled in sweet flaked coconut, which was delish as well.

Love this shot of Tash with her espresso. Isn’t she adorable? 🙂

If I just lived a smidge closer to Halifax this would’ve been the perfect day. Unfortunately, the 30-40 min drive into the city is getting old. And having to do it several times a week tires me out. I know, boohoo, poor me right? 😉 LOL

The idea of a weekly blog techy post has gotten lots of great response. So please, leave me a comment with your blogger tech questions so we can get this going!

Canada pride

Feelin’ like a yo-yo…