Province Announces Restrictions During Wildfires

As fire crews battle three wildfires in Nova Scotia the province is announcing measures to prevent additional fires.

Natural Resources Minister Lloyd Hines announced that beginning at noon on Tuesday, Aug. 9, all travel and activities within the woods is restricted. This includes hiking, camping, fishing, and the use of off-highway vehicles. People can still access beaches and provincial parks, but trail systems will be restricted.

These restrictions also apply to forestry, mining and any commercial activity on Crown land. Those who conduct commercial activity on Crown land will require permits which can be obtained at local Department of Natural Resources offices. Hunters and fishers will also require travel permits.

Mr. Hines thanked forestry companies who have moved work to nighttime hours, which is between 8 p.m. and 10 a.m. when the humidity is lower and the sun has gone down. He encourages all companies and private land owners to take this approach.

Wildfires in Maitland Bridge, Annapolis Co. and Greenfield, Queens Co., are now totally contained and mapped at about 21 hectares and five hectares respectively.

The fire burning at Seven Mile Lake, Annapolis Co. has not been contained and has grown. All available resources, including planes from other provinces, continue to fight that fire, which is about 140 hectares.

Wildfire Update

Two of the fires have been contained and crews continue to work on them.

The fire at Seven Mile has grown. The conditions continue to be challenging and we currently have 7 water bombers hitting the site.

Trunk 8 near Maitland Bridge is closed to all traffic while water bombing is underway.


Source: NS Government

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