Province establishing wine authority, quality standards

Helping local wines be further recognized in new markets

Legislation announced today, April 1, will enable the government to create a wine authority to administer a quality standards program for Nova Scotia wines.

“We are fortunate to have a unique climate and talented winemakers producing world-class products in Nova Scotia,” said Agriculture Minister Greg Morrow. “A wine authority will support the industry’s focus on quality for consumers and help the sector grow and prosper.”

The Nova Scotia Wine Authority Act will set up powers for the authority to establish and monitor a certified program that will align with international standards. The program will help Nova Scotia wines be further recognized in new markets and increase consumer confidence.

Similar authorities operate in other provinces, including the Ontario Wine Appellation Authority and British Columbia Wine Authority.

“In order for the wine industry in Nova Scotia to continue to grow, evolve, and mature, provincial standards are a necessary step to ensure quality remains at the forefront of our industry. Nova Scotia wine is not only being recognized across Canada but globally as an exciting new wine region, and a wine authority enables the industry to move forward on stronger ground. The wine authority is something the Nova Scotia wine industry has been advocating for and Wine Growers Nova Scotia is looking forward to working with the provincial government on building out that framework.”
– Haley Brown, Executive Director, Wine Growers of Nova Scotia

Quick Facts:
— the creation of a provincial quality wine standards certification program is one of three initiatives under the Nova Scotia Quality Wine Strategy
— the other initiatives are a vineyard replanting program and export navigation program

Additional Resources:
Bills tabled in the legislature this spring are available at:

Nova Scotia Wine Standards Regulations:

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