Province investing more than $1.5 billion in healthcare facilities, equipment

That’s billion with a “B”

The government is making an unprecedented investment in capital spending to ensure Nova Scotians have greater access to modern hospitals and medical equipment, schools, highways, and other improved infrastructure.

Capital Plan 2022-23 will invest more than $1.5 billion to begin new projects and continue work on previously announced projects, most notably the modernization of healthcare facilities in Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Halifax Regional Municipality, Bridgewater, Pugwash and other communities across the province.

“Nova Scotians are seeing cranes in the sky and structures going up, and with this year’s capital plan, they will see even more,” said Finance and Treasury Board Minister Allan MacMaster. “Investments in infrastructure are investments in Nova Scotia’s economy. These projects create jobs and spinoff business opportunities across the province, and lead to modern infrastructure for today and future generations.”

Highlights of the plan include:
— $464.6 million to support the QEII New Generation and Cape Breton Regional Municipality Health Care Redevelopment projects
— $122.6 million for construction, repair and renewal of other hospitals and medical facilities
— $80.9 million to continue work at Nova Scotia Community College’s Marconi campus in Sydney and begin new residences at the college’s Akerley, Pictou and Ivany campuses as part of the government’s plan to address housing issues
— $32 million to replace medical equipment
— $175.3 million to build and renovate schools.

Capital Plan 2022-23 also includes $507.8 million in investments outlined in the Department of Public Works’ Five Year Highway Improvement Plan, including a new $30-million envelope for bridge repair and renewal and an additional $20 million for gravel roads.

Quick Facts:
— Capital Plan 2022-23 invests the largest single-year capital funding in the province’s history
— the plan includes the continued design and construction of 15 schools
— it also includes $18.8 million in information technology projects for four departments and agencies
— the capital plan is subject to approval of the 2022-23 budget in the legislature

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