Province to Repeal Outdated Legislation

The province is taking steps to streamline government regulations by repealing 16 pieces of outdated legislation by introducing the Statute Law Repeal (2015) Act.

Minister of Business Mark Furey today, April 10, introduced legislation that covers measures in seven government departments and one agency to eliminate unnecessary regulations that no longer reflect today’s society or the needs of Nova Scotians.

The omnibus bill covers legislation ranging from the Livestock Brands Act, which allowed the outdated practice of branding livestock, to a cultural foundation and an education communication agency that were never created.

“These are clearly outdated and obsolete pieces of legislation, that were no longer being used, never proclaimed or implemented, or were replaced by other legislation or programs,” said Mr. Furey.

“As a government, we are taking the steps to ensure we improve and modernize the laws of the province. That is why we created the Office of Regulatory and Service Effectiveness to help streamline government regulations and red tape.”

The acts being repealed involve Justice, Finance and Treasury Board, Agriculture, Education and Early Childhood Development, Health and Wellness, the former department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism, Communities, Culture and Heritage, and Service Nova Scotia. They include:

— Cattle Pest Control Act
— Livestock Brands Act
— Cultural Foundation Act
— Regional Community Development Act (repeal to be subject to proclamation)
— Atlantic Institute of Education Act
— Education Assistance Act
— Educational Communications Agency Act
— School Loan Fund Act
— Southwestern Nova Scotia Community College Act
— Homeowners’ Incentive Act
— Public Sector Unpaid Leave Act
— Narcotic Drug Addicts Act
— Uniform Law Act
— Inebriates’ Guardianship Act
— Land Holdings Disclosure Act
— An Act to Amend Chapter 92 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Consumer Protection Act, and Chapter 291 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Mortgage Brokers’ and Lenders’ Registration Act.

“Simplifying regulations is a priority, and we will take a multi-year approach to improve and modernize laws and programs to help create a climate that will foster growth in our province,” said Mr. Furey.

Source: Release

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