Province/Ottawa Team Up to Help Unemployed Older Workers in Annapolis Royal

Eight women in Annapolis Royal will receive help to improve their skills and re-enter the workforce through the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers.

The announcement was made today, Nov. 30, by Premier Stephen McNeil and Member of Parliament Greg Kerr on behalf of Candice Bergen, Minister of State (Social Development).

“This program helps people turn their great talents and life experiences into new opportunities,” said Premier McNeil. “These women will now have the skills and the confidence they need to not only re-enter the workforce but to start their own businesses and create jobs for others in their communities.”

Together, the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia are investing over $78,000 in the Western Area Women’s Coalition’s project to help participants gain entrepreneurial skills so that they can establish their own local businesses.

“The government’s top priorities are creating jobs, economic growth and long-term prosperity”, said Mr. Kerr. “Through the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers, we are helping unemployed older workers in Nova Scotia develop the skills they need so they can find jobs.”

The project will help participants prepare for self-employment through training focused on marketing, budgeting, financing, operational planning and management.

“Over the last few years, this program has provided training and employment for many women in the Annapolis area, benefitting both them and their families,” said Della Longmire, executive director of the Western Area Women’s Coalition. “Not only does it provide women with essential skills to open a new business, it also teaches us that a new journey can begin at any age.”

The Targeted Initiative for Older Workers is one of the government of Canada’s initiatives that help unemployed Canadians stay connected to the job market, while addressing skills shortages.

To date, it has targeted more than 32,000 unemployed older workers across Canada, including more than 1,100 in Nova Scotia. The initiative provides retraining for new careers and supports the government of Canada’s broader strategy to create an educated, skilled and flexible workforce.

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