PSA – Construction noise exemption process launches

Construction noise exemption process launches
Monday, November 21, 2022 (Halifax, NS) – The Halifax Regional Municipality is launching a construction noise exemption process to better regulate developers who need to extend construction noise beyond the standard By-law N-200 Respecting Noise<> timeframe (7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays), to finish construction and shorten project timelines.
This new exemption process follows the August 2022 Regional Council updates to By-law N-200 Respecting Noise<>. These updates are captured in section six of the By-law<>.
The construction noise exemption process establishes criteria that a developer must meet, as well as a submission process to be reviewed by municipal staff. Further information can be found online at:<>, under “Construction Noise Exemption Mitigation Methods.”
Prior to the updates to By-law N-200 Respecting Noise<>, noise exemptions typically required Regional Council approval, which could not be processed quickly enough to meet industry needs.
To learn more about construction-related noise, visit:<>.
To determine if a project near you is approved for a construction-related noise exemption, call 311 or visit<>. Residents may submit a noise complaint or inquiry about noise exemptions to 311 and a staff member will investigate.

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