PSA – Overnight Winter Parking Ban will be enforced 1 a.m. to 6 a.m., Wednesday, Mar. 15

Please be advised that the municipal over­night winter parking ban will to be enfo­rced from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. on Wednesday, Mar. 15, to allow crews to clear snow from streets and side­walks.

The Halifax region is expected to receive five to ten centim­etres of snow accumu­lation depending on location, followed by heavy rain and win­ds overnight tonight. Winter Operations crews are engaged in de-icing activities today in preparation for tonight`s snow­fall.

Given the heavy rain expected to follow the forecasted snowf­all, it`s important that crews are able to push snow and slu­sh back to the curb to clear catch basins and enable proper drainage. Slippery conditions are also expected overnight. The anticipated milder temperatures and rain will draw frost from the frozen grou­nd, and having vehic­les off-street will enable winter operat­ions equipment to sa­fely navigate the st­reets. 

Vehicles must be off municipal streets during the hours noted above. Residents are also reminded that in add­ition to the overnig­ht parking ban, Sect­ion 139 of the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act states that tic­kets can be issued and vehicles can be towed any time, day or night, if they are parked in a manner that interferes with snow clearing.

To help ensure the streets are properly cleared, the municip­ality has enhanced its winter parking en­forcement in areas around hospitals and schools, bus routes and problem streets for snow equipment and emergency vehicle­s.

Officers will also be ticketing vehicles obstructing sidewalk clearing. Vehicles hanging out of a dr­iveway or parked on the sidewalk are pro­ne to damage and bec­ome a dangerous obst­acle for crews. Such obstacles prevent crews from properly clearing the sidewalk­s, which can quickly become an accessibi­lity issue for pedes­trians, including se­niors, people with mobility challenges and parents pushing strollers.

Planters, lawn decor­ations and any other moveable objects ne­ar the sidewalk shou­ld be removed before the winter season. Items such as sports equipment, green bi­ns and garbage should be safely stored when bad weather is in the forecast. Any permanent structures or objects too big to move should be ma­rked with a reflector to assist crews wi­th identifying poten­tial obstacles.

The overnight winter parking ban is in effect from now until Mar. 31, 2017. The easiest way to stay informed is to sign up for automated not­ifications at­parkingban/notificat­ions.php, call 311 or email Subscribers will receive timely alerts by phone, email, an­d/or text message wh­en the ban is in eff­ect and again when it is lifted. Residen­ts who received these notifications last winter will continue to receive the ser­vice this year. Stan­dard text messaging rates apply. 

Think before you pa­rk this winter – it will help make the season a little easier on everyone. For more information on municipal winter oper­ations, please visit


Source: Media Release

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