PSA – Traffic Delay – Navy 10K Run

Traffic Delay – Navy 10K Run Date: Sunday, August 20 Time: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Details: Residents can anticipate traffic delays along the race route. Traffic impact: Participants will begin the race at the corner of Gottingen Street and Bloomfield Street. Participants will proceed south on Gottingen Street, turn west on Black Street, turn north of Fuller Terrace, west on Bloomfield Street, and north on Agricola Street. Participants will then veer right onto Highland Avenue before continuing north, then turning west on Normandy Drive, south on Rosemeade Avenue, west on Hillside Avenue, north on Robie Street, east on Leeds Street, and then south on Novalea Street/Gottingen Street. Participants will finish the race at the starting point. Participants completing the 10K will repeat the track a second time. –

Weather statement: Heavy rain and thunderstorms expected Friday (Aug 16 2023 report)

Halifax Water PSA – Water Service & Traffic Advisory – Brook Street – Water Main Repair