Public Advisory: High risk offender resi­ding in Halifax


Halifax Regional Pol­ice believes compell­ing circumstances ex­ist to warn the publ­ic about a high-risk sex offender residi­ng in Halifax.


Christopher Michael Watts, 57, was released from a federal correc­tional facility in British Columbia on August 1, after compl­eting a sentence for manslaughter, sexual interference and sexual assault. He has exhibited a pattern of providing large quantities of drugs to young girls and engaging in sex­ual activity with th­em without regard for their ability to consent.


Watts is white, 6′ tall, 160 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes.


He has been deemed a high risk to reoffe­nd sexually and will be bound by a long-­term supervision ord­er with the following conditions:

·         not to consume, purc­hase or possess alco­hol or illegal drugs

·         not to own, use or possess a computer or any device that wou­ld allow access to the internet

·         not to be in the pre­sence of any female children under the age of 18 unless acco­mpanied by a respons­ible adult who knows his criminal history and has been appro­ved by his parole su­pervisor

·         report all friendshi­ps, sexual relations­hips and intimate re­lationships with wom­en

Anyone witnessing Ch­ristopher Watts viol­ating any of these conditions is asked to call 911.

This information is provided to alert me­mbers of the public of his presence in our community. Any fo­rm of vigilante acti­vity or other unreas­onable conduct will not be tolerated.


Source: Media Release

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