Public Art for the Prospect Road Community Centre

prcc_artisticAs a result of a lengthy process, and through a peer jury selection process, the Halifax Regional Municipality is pleased to announce that a collaborative proposal from artists Ivan Murphy and Norbert Sattler has been chosen as the public art installation for the Prospect Road Community Centre.

The piece is a dynamic instillation combining elements of glasswork, painting and both natural and artificial lighting and will be installed in three separate locations along the ‘indoor community street’ of the community centre.

Each of the panels are comprised of alternating layers of painting employing obscured typographic/symbolic elements and abstraction techniques, both referential to the particular areas serviced by the Prospect Road Community Centre. These painted elements will be filtered through two layers of artisinal and sandblasted safety glass, respectively, which will serve to further abstract the painting underneath.

Finally, the piece will utilize both the abundant natural light provided by the ‘Street’s’ dramatic skylight as well as a backlighting system to create a final effect which the artists describe in their proposal as ‘…glowing columns of light’ providing subtle, nuanced references to the community and an overall ‘…impression, or sensual experience of place’.

The Halifax Regional Municipality is very pleased to partner with the Prospect Road and Area Community Centre Steering Committee to commission this exciting artwork as part of its mandate to provide public art as a component of all future municipal building projects.

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