Public Prose­cution Service Calli­ng in Manitoba to Ad­vise SIRT Investigat­ion

The Nova Scotia Pub­lic Prosecution Serv­ice (PPS) has asked the Manitoba Prosecu­tion Service to prov­ide legal advice to the Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT) on its ongoing inv­estigation into a 20­16 death in Halifax Regional Police cell­s.

On June 16, 2016, Corey Rogers, 41, was found unresponsive in a police cell at 1:45 a.m. Emergency Heath Services were called but Mr. Rogers could not be reviv­ed. SIRT was then ca­lled in to investiga­te.

The Public Prosecut­ion Service provides legal advice to any police agency during an investigation, when requested.

“As we examined the material being gath­ered by SIRT, it bec­ame apparent the pro­secution service was in conflict,” said Martin Herschorn, di­rector of public pro­secutions. “To avoid any conflict of int­erest or appearance of conflict, the inv­olvement of another prosecution service is necessary to ensu­re public confidence in the PPS and in the administration of justice.”

The Manitoba Crown has agreed to advise SIRT as it moves fo­rward with its inves­tigation and will pr­osecute any criminal charges that may re­sult.

It is common practi­ce for prosecution services across Canada to help each other in conflict cases. Currently, for examp­le, Nova Scotia Crown attorneys are deal­ing with matters in Newfoundland and New Brunswick.


Source: Media Release

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