Knee Socks
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knee socks
Knee Socks, Trends
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Featured Items: Jacket: Tahari via Winners | Purse: Allie’s Boutique (old) | Skirt: Gap | Turtleneck: H&M | Gloves: Ralph Lauren via Winners | Boots: Biscuit General Store | Knee Socks and Tights: Joe Fresh (current) | Earrings: Short Presents Etsy Shoppe (coming soon).

With a new year ahead I’m getting my act together and I’m pulling up my socks dearest blog reader. You may have noticed some changes around the blog, and they are not accidental 🙂 It’s important for us bloggers to stay fresh and to make sure we change things up every once and a while.  I think my little baby was due for a slight upgrade don’t you?! With some new formatting and some photo know-how I think you’ll come to like these changes! Change is good!

New Year’s always reminds us to get things sorted and get down to business. I’m looking forward to many more explorations and successes to share with you over the next year blog reader, and I have to say I’m quite pleased with where things are going. I’ve really enjoyed the brands I’ve partnered with this year, and I look forward to bringing you many more over the next year!

What are some things you’re hoping to accomplish this year blog reader? I’m planning on being more mindful, and present (no pun). It’s so important to take a moment to really appreciate everything around us, and that’s something I really tend to struggle with because I’m always thinking of the next thing. So cheers to a new year, and new priorities.

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