Puppy Progress

It’s the little things in life, my bloggies, that can make a preggo very happy and one of those things is that I happen to get my hands on this:

 IMG_7629IMG_7630Do ya’ll see that? That’s PASTEURIZED goat cheese!  Booooyah!!!!!  I haven’t had goat cheese or feta since I found out I was pregnant and I didn’t realize how much I would miss it!  Especially since one of my favourite things has become the Bella Burger which I LOVE with goat cheese!  So of course that’s what I had this evening for supper.  And the BEST thing that goes along with a bella burger is Williams Sonoma Aged Balsamic to marinade the bella mushroom (+EVOO, S&P, oregano & dried basil), grilled on a grill pan, schmear the bun with cream cheese, top with greens, red onion and a roasted red pepper and you’re GOLDEN:IMG_7622

There truly is no better balsamic vinegar than WIlliams Sonoma.  I WISH we had one here.  I’m still working off my bottle I bought during our trip to Maine in the Fall and I cherish every drop.  It’s like night and day.  I plan on bringing some home with me when we go to Florida in April in my suitcase PRAYING that all goes well in transit since I can’t bring it carry on anymore.  Regardless, it’s worth the risk, trust me!  It’s about $30 a bottle, but worth every single penny.  I’d truly compare it to great wine.  It’s made from grapes, it’s aged and syrupy goodness.

IMG_7628I decided the perfect accompaniment would be a fresh green salad with a honey-dijon balsamic vinaigrette (WS too of course):


(Mesclin Mix greens, red onion, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese & vinaigrette made from balsamic, EVOO, S&P honey & dijon mustard)


I am thoroughly enjoying these lemon spritzers:


Lucy says Hi! 🙂


We have been making some great progress with her lately.  Currently she has issues with barking at every moving thing that moves outside (passersby, birds etc.) and she barks like crazy at strangers, putting her into an unstable state.  If she’s outside on her leash and somebody walks by she loses her mind and I have to drag her in.  But now, she’s really responding to our training and I’m SOOOO happy!!!  I was having worries about how we were going to deal with her with the baby comes but now I’m optimistic.  Presently, she is very nervous around toddlers (because they are the same size as she is), so we’re working hard and solving her “instability” issues now.  Now she automatically comes to me when I call her even when she starts to bark and she will sit and lay down when I tell her to even when she’s worked up.  That’s SUBMISSION!

I’m also pretty sure that she knows I’m pregnant (article sent to me by Amy).  Ever since we found out, she’s been stuck to me like glue and she has been really sookie.  Also if I’m having a “moment” and start to cry (hormones are wonderful, aren’t they?), she will come RUNNING from anywhere in the house to come to my need and starts sniffing and trying to like my face and cheer me up.  It’s truly adorable.  I’m pretty sure that she’s accepted me as alpha mama in this house and wants to protect me 🙂

Have any of you had to deal with misbehaved dogs when you were introducing a baby to your family?  Do you mind sharing your experience?

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