Quarry Approval Issued

The Department of Environment has issued an operating approval to Scotian Materials Ltd., for a quarry under four hectares on Perrin Drive, near Fall River, Halifax Regional Municipality.

The approval includes terms and conditions to ensure the environment and public health are protected.

Included among the conditions are:
— monitoring requirements for ground and surface water
–- dust monitoring
–- noise level limits
–- blasting limitations.

Under the approval, the company will also be required to establish a community liaison committee that includes representation from the area.

In accordance with provincial regulations, projects like this are assessed and approved by department staff. Quarries under four hectares do not require ministerial approval or notification.

The approval can be found at http://novascotia.ca/nse/industrial-approvals/docs/Scotian-Materials-Goffs-Quarry-Approval.pdf .

Under the Environment Act, appeals on approvals can be made within 30 days. The deadline is Oct. 16. The appeal form can be found at http://novascotia.ca/nse/industrial-approvals/docs/NSE-Appeal-DOP-Form-2015-02-02.pdf .

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