Quick Sally spree

I went to Sally in the weekend hoping they stocked up more glitters.

Exciting news first: The holiday Love You Snow Much collection is available now, all 4 shades. I only picked up Emeral Sparkle, as it has been a famous shade since forever, and I wouldn’t want to miss it with this re-release. I already own Ruby Pumps, so here they are side by side and we have Christmas in October 🙂

Tinsel and 5 Golden Rings aren’t unique, especially since I have been overwhelmed by the recent glitter shades, so I didn’t get them. But if you are in a festive mood, get them before they are gone.

Another good news was I found Fortune Teller, the Halloween black with orange glitters. No sign of Spellbound yet, and the staff had no idea what I was asking about. I’ll have to keep checking back for it.

I also grabbed the 2 shades from China Glaze’s Summer Days collection that I missed out: Watermelon Rind and Grape Juice, which somehow became part of the regular collection. I’m still missing Orange Marmalade, couldn’t find it anywhere.

The China Glaze Glitters and Chromes display was fully stocked, but with all old shades that I saw before. I guess that was it for this collection, no more surprises.

Near the check out, I found some fun lipsticks called Mood Lips. They change colour with the pH of your lips. I picked up green, red, purple and blue and am curious to find out what colour they would become on my lips.

That was it for my little shopping trip. I become such a polish junkie now, I go to Sally like every weekend. If they could carry more polish brands, wouldn’t that be awesome, lol.

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