Quickie AFW Recap

L-A: I’m exhausted. How do people do a full week of fashion shows? With a lot more coffee, right? Anyway, because I’m tired and because I still haven’t given you part two of my Emerging Designers show recap (my computer HATES me right now. I’m not kidding. The battery went kaput on me this morning and I was without the plugin thingy), I’m going to give you the quickest of recaps from tonight’s show. I’m also holding off from giving you details because Guest Blogger Jo was with me and she is going to write as well.

So, tonight’s show. In a word: Awesome.

In more than a word: There is some serious design talent in this city.

I’m just going to give you a few of my favourites from tonight’s show.

Kick ass earrings by jewelry designer Megan Allison:



A Lee Lategan skirt that has both Jo and I thinking about tulle and crinolines for holiday parties.



Pretty summer dresses from Sunsets on the Eastside:



Pinups in pinstripes from Orphanage:



Tartan gowns by Veronica MacIsaac – even those of use with little to no Scottish blood can fall in love with these dresses:



Okay, now it’s time for me to go to bed. More AFW to come over the weekend and early next week.

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