(QuickPoll) A Tasty Showdown: Donair Costume Ignites Cross-Country Bidding War

Vying for the quirkiest auction item of the year, a life-sized donair costume is causing a stir among restaurants across Canada. The Alberta government listed this unusual item for bidding on an auction website, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Since its debut, donair shops from various provinces have eagerly joined the bidding war, turning it into a true cross-country competition for the meaty prize.

Somewhat controversially, the costume includes lettuce, which purists say is nothing short of blasphemy.

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Described as “complete with fake shaved meat, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and sauce wrapped in a pita and tinfoil,” the donair costume has captured the hearts of many, sparking love for the local food favorite. The costume was originally purchased in 2015 for a public service announcement focused on raising awareness about the perils of impaired driving caused by cannabis. However, the video production was ultimately canceled, and the government’s efforts shifted to other tactics. The exact amount Alberta paid for the costume remains undisclosed.

The bidding for the donair costume commenced at a modest $50 but quickly escalated to unexpected heights. As of today, the highest bid stands at an astonishing $7,000, with more potential for further escalation. Notable contenders include renowned donair shops such as the King of Donair in Halifax and Blowers & Grafton in Calgary, each vying to bring this iconic piece of culinary fashion home.

One restaurant chain, Blowers & Grafton, even proposed a heartwarming suggestion for the proceeds of the auction. They are calling on the Alberta government to donate the funds to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the original intended beneficiary of the costume. The charity’s focus on anti-impaired driving aligns with the initial purpose of the donair costume’s creation, making it a fitting choice for the proceeds.

The allure of the donair costume has spread well beyond Alberta’s borders. Haligonians, known for their love of donairs, have also shown keen interest in the auction. The city of Halifax, in the province of Nova Scotia, proudly claims the donair as its official food. It comes as no surprise that residents of the East Coast are excited to see the delectable treat transformed into a life-sized spectacle.

The Alberta government’s surplus site, where the auction is being hosted, has witnessed an overwhelming surge of visitors since the donair costume was listed. The outfit, crafted with latex, vulcanized rubbers, and synthetics, aims to offer an authentic tinfoil appearance, making it an eye-catching prize for any avid donair enthusiast.

As the bidding war continues, donair aficionados and curious onlookers alike eagerly await the final outcome. Whether the coveted costume finds its new home in Halifax or Calgary, it’s evident that this quirky auction has managed to unite the country in a saucy and delightful way.

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