Quickpoll: PEI ferry disruption

Ferry service between Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Nova Scotia has been disrupted this week. The MV Confederation, which is the sole vessel for the service, encountered mechanical problems that will require it to be out of service for approximately three to four weeks.

This cancellation has had a significant impact on local businesses in eastern P.E.I., as they heavily rely on the ferry traffic for their operations. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the ferry service has faced challenges. Last July, the MV Holiday Island, the service’s other vessel, was permanently taken out of service due to a fire in its engine room.

How does this affect you?

Have you ever used the ferry service between Caribou, N.S., and Wood Islands, P.E.I.?
How often do you rely on the ferry service for transportation between Caribou, N.S., and Wood Islands, P.E.I.?
How does the cancellation of the ferry service until at least mid-July affect your travel plans?

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