QuickPoll: Raise your windshield wipers before a storm?

The AAA says “When snow or freezing weather is expected, fold the wiper arms up off the glass or place small pieces of wood (or other objects) under the wiper arms to hold the rubber blades off the windshield. This will prevent them from freezing to the glass and ease snow and ice removal.”

Now that the snow and ice has arrived, we tend to see parked cars with their wiper blades propped up. Good idea or bad?

Propping Wipers Up:

  • Prevents damage to the wiper motor, should you turn on the ignition and have accidentally left the wipers on (and they’re frozen to the windshield).
  • Prevents damaging the rubber, when you have to chisel them away from the windshield.
  • Makes clearing away snow and ice from the windshield easier.

Leaving Wipers Down:

  • Prevents damaging the springs inside the blade arm.
  • Discourages vandalism.
  • A non-issue because the defroster releases frozen blades.

What do you think? Vote in our QuickPoll below.

Do you raise your wiper blades during a snow or freezing rain storm?

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