Quickpoll: Shared Spaces: Nova Scotia’s Fresh Take on Housing Crisis

Nova Scotia has entered a two-year funding agreement with Happipad, a non-profit website intended to alleviate the current housing crisis. The website matches people looking for a place to live with property owners who have extra rooms in their homes. The government’s $1.3 million investment will cover the cost of two Nova Scotia-based employees and waiving fees for background checks and transaction processing.

The initiative responds to the province’s housing shortage, utilizing the estimated 130,000 vacant bedrooms across Nova Scotia. People seeking month-to-month accommodation and homeowners with spare rooms can both use the platform. It offers services such as background checks, dispute resolution, rent collection, and distribution, aiming to provide safe, affordable, and comfortable living spaces.

Do you believe the Nova Scotia government's partnership with Happipad will effectively address the current housing crisis?

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