Quiet afternoon

You never know what you will find here:) From me begging you to donate to worthy causes to what I’m reading. This afternoon, I finally have settled in to read Tales from a Travelling Mum: Navigating Europe with a Babe-in-Arms by my pal, AliceGriffin. I’ve been following Alice’s adventures for a while now through her blog. It is a delightful read written by a delightful person. Great for armchair travelers, families with a dream and those actually starting their planning:)

Also, remember that amaryllis I saved? Look how it has grown and not only that, a twin shoot grew from the same bulb alongside it and now is ready to burst into bloom also!

Monty approves……. I’m learning how to use my new lens:)

Help me bust a move!

Buying a Mammogram Machine:)

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