Raising Hope: Stuck Like Glue

Raising Hope was pretty great last night, so are you ready for my Five Favorite Things about the episode? Here goes.

  1. Flashbacks! Luckily, Martha Plimpton looks so good that with a few hair extensions I pretty much buy her as any age. But the real highlight here was getting a glimpse at Burt with his long 80s rocker hair. 
  2. Bad parenting! Virginia didn’t tell Jimmy about Burt’s kidnapping because she didn’t want him to be afraid of strangers. 
  3. Secrets! I loved how both Burt and Virgina had been keeping their stories secret for years. The way they both told the tales provided a lot of laughs in this episode – I especially liked all the ways the tiny cop tried to woo Virginia.
  4. More secrets! The episode was already good, but the fact that Maw-Maw had been the one behind everything made it even funnier. The way she orchestrated all the problems in Burt and Virginia’s marriage (leaving the toilet seat up, feeding Jimmy tons of sugar, leaving only a tiny bit of milk in the fridge) and then fed the tiny cop suggestions on how to impress Virginia was evil genius quality stuff. 
  5. Cuteness! The fact that, as Sabrina pointed out, it’s pretty impressive that after 20 years of Maw-Maw trying to break them up Virgina and Burt were still together, and totally in love. 

Bonus thing I loved: The return of whacking a scary intruder in the head with a TV set. Extra bonus points for Sabrina doing it as well.

Thing I didn’t so much like: Jimmy deleting Wyatt’s text message about dinner with Sabrina. I get that Jimmy has long held romantic feelings for Sabrina, and I want them to get together too. But deliberately screwing with their relationship felt malicious and totally unlike Jimmy. If Sabrina and Wyatt broke up because of the missed dinner date, any future romance with Jimmy would feel cheapened.

Favorite quote of the night: “The more I paid attention, the more I noticed how different we were with Roy here. We were nicer, more cooperative. Like poor, white Cosbys.” – Virginia

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