Random Style Icon: Emily Ratajkowski

Ally: Many have been talking about the video for Blurred Lines, the “song of the summer” by Robin Thicke (if I had a vote, it would go to Miley Cyrus’, We Can’t Stop, but sadly no one asks me).

Take a minute to watch, and then let’s chat:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Now, if we look at our archives here at FPQT, you’ll note that I wrote the following about this video back on May 10th

I’m not sure what’s going on here beyond three grown men embarrassing themselves deeply. There’s a number of comments on this YouTube video that accurately express anger over the way the women are depicted in this video (“death to feminism” being my personal favourite), but seriously ladies, we don’t need to worry. Nothing is being debased more than Robin Thicke’s hair here. Don’t make me talk about his sunglasses.

Sad, really. Cause this is an amazing beat. Imagine what Solange could have done with this?

I stand by my statement for the most part. The biggest problem continues to be Robin’s hair. I then went on to criticize the dancing, which I now regret. I now think it’s sort of awesome.


Despite your opinions about the video (I’m on the fence), I think there are two indisputable positives:

1. Someone made up a line dancing routine for this shit

Click here to view the embedded video.

If you think I haven’t already followed those instructions, you don’t know me.

2. The introduction of Emily Ratajkowski, who I’m gambling will become the new Kate Upton but with way better style

Which leads us to this post, a new random style icon. I’m sure L-A is completely impressed with just how randomly I can select my new icons.

What started out as innocently researching the background on the video in order to draft a witty tweet declaring my opinion on Robin Thicke’s feelings about women (it never happened, I took a nap), turned into a discovery on how awesome Emily Ratajkowski dresses in real life (she’s pretty much naked for most of her modeling, and I would be too if I looked like her). Sidenote: if any of you watched iCarly (followup question; why?), you may recognize her as Tasha. Long story short, she might be the California version of Kate Moss.

A Twist on an LBD

emily lbd


This is pretty adorable, and makes me think it would be perfect for our Unpaid Intern Eden. Although she would probably prefer this look instead…



The gem below I would have rocked when I was 10 and had abs like Emily.

emily lbd2Source

Maybe then one of the boys in my elementary school would have pretend proposed to me so that we could have a pretend wedding by the hopscotch section on the playground. Instead, I always got asked to pretend officiate. Sad, right?

Back to the dress, if you’re gonna to cut-out, and I’m not entirely opposed, this is how you should do it.

Who doesn’t love a good romper?

Even L-A, who claims she hates the romper has to love this nautical version (ok, nautical might be a stretch but I’m trying to find common ground here).


Source – Facehunter

Adorable. I’d honestly rock more onesies for ladies if I could.


Dress shorts!

I could dedicate an entire summer (when I wasn’t eight weeks post-baby…and I’m not going on about weight loss here, I’m talking warped hips. What goes ON with your hips post-pregnancy?) to wearing dress shorts. This is how much I endorse their existence.





I love this look so much. Especially the shoes paired with the detail on the bottom of the pants.






In my dream world, this would be the Important Business Meeting outfit I would prance about in on the regular.

 Correct way to rock overalls (yes, there is one)

I’ve been looking forever for the perfect pair of slim overalls, and I’d love to know which brand these are.


Source – caution, some photos on here NSFW

Personally I’d pair with a longer shirt, but you go Emily Ratajkowski.

So there you have it. Emily seems to be an artsier/more boho version of Kate Upton. Can you imagine the looks she would rock at Coachella? I should note that Emily often employs a stylist (who she credits often on her instagram page) named Marissa Joye Peden. Her website is basically the clothing porn I always hoped existed.

Lastly, Emily also appeared in another Crappy Pop Music Video in 2013. One that has been playing repeatedly during my walks with baby. I’m sorry, I love Maroon5. It’s embarrassing, but it’s the truth.

Click here to view the embedded video.

 I think Adam Levine is ridiculously hot. Ok, I’m leaving now. Really.

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