RCMP apprehend more than 950 people for impaired driving related incidents

The summer may be coming to an end but RCMP enforcement against impaired drivers continues to be in full effect.

Today, September 5th, marks the fourth National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day.

RCMP are undertaking a series of coordinated checkpoints throughout Nova Scotia focused on impaired drivers as well as distracted drivers. The two top causes of serious injury and fatalities on our roadways.

The officer-in-charge of RCMP Traffic Services, Inspector Berni Chapman reminds Nova Scotians that while today draws attention and raises awareness about efforts to apprehend impaired drivers, the RCMP are looking for drivers impaired by drug and alcohol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

‘So far this year the RCMP have apprehended 969 people for impaired driving related incidents in areas within the province that are policed by the RCMP,’ said Insp. Chapman.

Between January 1st and August 31st, 2014 in areas policed by the RCMP we have arrested and charged 591 people for Impaired by Alcohol, 58 for Impaired by Drug and issued 378 administrative suspensions, which is when drivers lose their license from anywhere between 7 to 90 days due as a result of being over the legal limit for impairment.

‘We are not proud of these numbers because it means over 950 people chose to get behind the wheel and put their lives and the lives of others in danger.’ Insp. Chapman adds.

Impaired drivers come up with a lot of excuses for their choice to drive impaired. ‘Unfortunately as a police officer I have heard it all and I have seen the consequences first hand,’ said Insp. Chapman. ‘I can tell you that no excuse makes it easier for an impaired driver to live with the fact that they killed innocent people.’

The RCMP are asking motorists to take responsibility for their driving decisions and passengers to be accountable for their decision to drive with someone who is impaired.

Citizens who spot a suspected impaired driver are asked to call 911 and report the location where the vehicle is traveling, description of the driver and/or vehicle, and license plate information. By providing this information it will assist the likelihood of RCMP being able to locate the driver.

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