RCMP educate high school students on impaired driving

Halifax District RCMP’s Metro Traffic Services and Community Policing Co-op Program gave high school students the experience of driving while under the influence using simulation goggles this past Friday.

Twenty-seven high school students from nine different schools throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality took part in this initiative. The RCMP partnered with the schools and Glen Arbour Golf Course in an educational effort to deter new drivers from driving while impaired.

Students were given goggles to wear that are designed to simulate a blood alcohol level slightly higher then the legal limit of 80mgs%. The students operated golf carts through a pylon obstacle course to simulate impaired driving.

The experience afforded the students the knowledge of how dangerous and difficult the task actually is. Students also participated in Standardized Field Sobriety testing, while wearing the goggles, which drove the educational point home even further.

Comments received included, “everyone should have to do this prior to getting their license,” and “I can’t believe people drive like this.”

Impaired driving is still one of the main causes of serious and fatal collisions in the province and throughout Canada. The RCMP is committed to continuing their educational and enforcement efforts under their Road Safety Strategy 2015 in order to reduce any unnecessary injuries and deaths on our roadways.

We encourage the public to take part in this initiative by calling police with information on impaired drivers or if they suspect an impaired driver on the road to call 911 immediately.

Source: http://www.bedfordbeacon.com/rcmp-educate-high-school-students-on-impaired-driving-through-simulation

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