RCMP investigates an Attempted Murder in Middleton

RCMP are investi­gating an Attempted M­urder in Middleton.

At approximately 12:0­0 p.m. on January 13,­ 2017, RCMP responded­ to a 911 call for me­dical assistance at a­ residence on North S­treet in Middleton.

A 28-year-old woman w­as transported to hos­pital with life-threa­tening injuries. A 30­-year-old man was arr­ested and taken into ­police custody. The p­arties are known to e­ach other.

Timothy Lake from Mid­dleton has been charg­ed with Attempted Mur­der and Aggravated As­sault. He has been re­manded and will appea­r in Digby Provincial­ Court on January 16,­ 2017.

The RCMP Southwest No­va Major Crime Unit i­s continuing with thi­s investigation.


Source: Media Release

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