RCMP Kept Busy During Highway 101 Speed Enforcement


On August 10th 2011, members of the Halifax District RCMP Metro Traffic
Services were conducting speed enforcement on Highway 101 inbound near
Exit 1G. The speed limit in this area is 70km/h which is clearly posted.
Over the course of four hours, over one hundred summary offence tickets
were issued. The majority of which were for speed-related offences.
Five officers took part in the operation and were assisted by the use
of a LIDAR. The LIDAR is a speed measuring device which uses a laser
beam to measure both speed and distance. The LIDAR is a vehicle specific
instrument capable of determining the speed of a single vehicle even
when surrounded by other vehicles.
The RCMP would like to remind the motoring public to be conscious of
their speeds and to take note of the speed signs in the area of the road
your traveling on. The RCMP is dedicated to improving public safety on
our roadways to help prevent unnecessary injuries and deaths which occur
on our highways each year.

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