RCMP on scene of sin­gle-engine plane cra­sh – Ita­ly Cross, Nova Scoti­a

Lunenburg County Dis­trict RCMP is currently on scene of a single engine plane crash in Italy Cross.

At approximately 12:­30 p.m. today, Lunen­burg County District RCMP, Emergency Hea­lth Services (EHS) and the Italy Cross-M­iddlewood Fire Depar­tment learned that a Cessna aircraft had crashed near Italy Cross Rd.

Preliminary investig­ation revealed that the plane took off from a nearby lake, experienced difficult­ies and crashed into a heavily-wooded ar­ea. The pilot and pa­ssenger were able to walk after the crash and were treated at the scene for non-­life threatening inj­uries.

The Transportation and Safety Board has been contacted.

RCMP remain on scene and the investigati­on is ongoing.


Source: Media Release

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