RCMP patrol trails during ATV rally, arrest impaired driver

** File photo from the checkpoint at the rally. In this photo, a motorist is checked for legal papers and plates. This is not the DUI subject

On Saturday January 26, members of Lunenburg District RCMP​ and RCMP Southeast Traffic Services conducted patrols of the trails in the Chester Basin area during the annual “Fish’n Chips” ATV rally.​ The patrols focussed on rider safety and impaired driving enforcement.

At approximately 1:30 p.m., police​ responded to an​ off-road vehicle​ collision on the trail in the Martins River area. A​ side by side off road vehicle​ left the trail and struck a tree. Both occupants of the vehicle were uninjured and the vehicle sustained minor damage. The investigation determined the collision was related to trail conditions at the time.​

Later in the day, the RCMP​ conducted a checkpoint on the trail in Gold River​ where 66 off-road vehicle operators were tested for alcohol impairment during​ a two-hour period.​ One​ 42-year-old man was arrested after taking the​ roadside screening test. He was then​ transported to Chester Detachment where​ breath samples were obtained, both of​ which were nearly​ twice the legal limit.​ The man will face charges of impaired operation of a conveyance and operating a conveyance with a blood alcohol level over 80mgs% and is scheduled to appear in Bridgewater Provincial Court on​ April 3.


Source : Media Release

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