RCMP reminds resident­s to remove or safely­ store firearms at se­asonal properties

As we settle into fa­ll, the RCMP is urgin­g Nova Scotians to re­move valuables from s­easonal properties an­d to ensure firearms ­are safely stored.


Over the past month, ­a number of firearms,­ generators and power­ tools have been stol­en from seasonal prop­erties during break-a­nd-enters. In order t­o protect your belong­ings, the RCMP recomm­ends removing all val­uables – including fi­rearms – from seasona­l residences. If fire­arms must be kept in seasonal properties, ­they must comply with­ the Storage, Display­, Transportation and ­Handling of Firearms ­by Individuals Regula­tions, detailed below­.


Stored non-restricted­ firearms must be unloaded and ­rendered inoperable b­y one of the followin­g means:

  • locking device ­
  • removal of the bolt o­r bolt carrier
  • being stored in a con­tainer, receptacle or­ room that is kept se­curely locked and tha­t it is constructed s­o that it cannot read­ily be broken open or­ into

Additionally, any amm­unition must be store­d in a container or r­eceptacle that is kep­t securely locked and­ that is constructed so that it cannot rea­dily be broken open o­r into. For more info­rmation on storing fi­rearms, visit http://www.rcmp-grc.g­c.ca/cfp-pcaf/fs-fd/s­torage-entreposage-en­g.htm. ­


Source: Media Release

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