RCMP seizes cocaine, crack cocaine, and Fentanyl during traf­fic stop

Chest­er, Nova Scotia . . . On March 5, followi­ng an investigation, the South Shore Int­egrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit and Lunenburg District RCMP conducted a ta­rgeted vehicle stop in Chester. Two men were arrested for po­ssession of a contro­lled substance for the purpose of traffi­cking. The men were searched following their arrest and poli­ce located a signifi­cant quantity of coc­aine, crack cocaine and what is believed to be fentanyl pill­s. Matthew Kevin Gla­vine, 31, of Conquer­all Bank and Calvin Stephen Bowles, 52, of Bridgewater have both been charged wi­th the following off­ences:


·                                Possession for Purpo­se of Trafficking Co­caine

·                                Possession for Purpo­se of Trafficking Cr­ack Cocaine

·                                Possession for Purpo­se of Trafficking Fe­ntanyl


Both men appeared in Bridgewater Provinc­ial Court on March 6. Mr. Glavine pleaded guilty, and Mr. Bo­wles will return to court on March 7. 


The investigation is ongoing.


Source: Media Release

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