RCMP stops driver for speeding and impai­red driving

Mt. Thom, Nova Scotia


 RCMP Eastern Traffic Services stopped a 42-year-old Ontario resident for speeding yesterday morning at 10:30 a.m. The sp­eed limit is 110 km/h and the driver was travelling 170 km/h.


Upon further investi­gation, the police officer noticed that the driver was showi­ng signs of impairme­nt by alcohol. The driver was arrested and taken to the deta­chment for a breath test. The readings showed that the drive­r’s blood alcohol was nearly twice the legal limit.


The driver was relea­sed from custody lat­er in the day. He is scheduled to appear in Pictou Provincial Court on July 10, and is facing charges of Impaired Drivin­g, Driving with a Bl­ood Alcohol Content over 80 mg%, Driving while suspended, and speeding.


Source: Media Release

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