RCMP Warn of Email Scam

Nova Scotia RCMP is alerting the public to an old email scam that is reappearing to target businesses throughout Atlantic Canada.

Fraudsters are posing as CEOs and bosses of companies and contacting financial administrators of those organizations using fake e-mail addresses. These scammers are instructing financial staff to wire money to a bank account using faked sender information.

Fraud can effect anyone. Keep the following tips in mind if you suspect an e-mail scam:

  • Never send money without confirming the identity of the recipient by voice or in-person.
  • If you receive an e-mail requesting money, contact the purported sender by phone or in-person to confirm the e-mail’s legitimacy.
  • Contact the RCMP if you receive a fraudulent e-mail or if you have been the victim of an e-mail scam.

Source: Media Release


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