Rebranding and refocusing of the BCCA

The Directors of the Bedford Community Council Association (BCCA) are presently looking at the Association with a view to changing the focus away from a single purpose (that of changing the municipal government to give more control back to the communities) and becoming more vocal and active in community issues.

On this basis, there will be a Director’s meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 3 to discuss this rebranding and refocusing.

The BCCA is presently looking for individuals passionate about their community and willing to pitch in and help turn it back into one of the best communities in Canada! This does not involve a lot of your time, just your belief that Bedford can be that community again!

Please let Donna Lugar know if you would like to be more involved and if you are interested in attending the Director’s meeting.

As well, for your information, the BCCA is presently attempting to organize a community meeting for the end of June.

Again, please let Donna know if there are any issues you would like raised or updates you would like to have.

Donna Lugar can be reached at 835-5643 or by email at

For more information on BCCA visit their website at

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