Red Eyes, Late Nights and Guinness

I’m a rough ticket this morning.  Please tell me lord why I did not pack Visine?

Saturday, February 28th


I’m a rough ticket this morning.  Please tell me lord why I did not pack Visine?  Glad I stayed out until 5AM though as the Divorcees brought down the house at the Crown and Moose with a very late night set that was worth the red eyes this morning.


Volunteered with the One on Ones again and in the Buyer’s Market which took me up until 7PM.  Throughout the day I had a chance to hear some more great music as there were bands in the lobby.  Finally had a chance to check out Ian Foster who is very talented and a lovely young fellow with a great personality.  Glad I found 5 minutes to listen as I kept missing his shows.  Which reminds me.  At no point did I get to hear Sherman Downey who is local to Cornerbrook, and the local gals volunteering in the Buyer’s Market were big fans.  He was in an out of the Buyer’s Market frequently as a result and was a super friendly guy (and not bad to look at either…but I digress).  Anyway, I heard over lunch one day that Sherman took a year off of his studies to volunteer with the ECMAs.  Now that is supportive!  Sherman, I am sorry I didn’t check out your tunes…hope you come to Halifax soon. 


So I experienced a real treat on Saturday night in the form of a Songwriter’s Circle and will forever be a Meaghan Blanchard fan from this day forward.  The circle was hosted by the ever wonderful Lennie Gallant whom I have been a fan of for 20 years.  And also on stage were Ian Sherwood who might not know much about what time buses leave Halifax but sure does know how to play the saxophone.  Also a great storyteller and singer and guitar player.  Kev Corbett was a breath of fresh air seemed to be the consensus in the audience.  He’s been playing with other folks for years and is breaking out into a solo career and it’s off to a great start.  Sherry Ryan told honest and entertaining stories about her life and wove them into songs for us with her pretty voice and great spirit.  And Meaghan Blanchard knocked all of our socks off with her giant voice and mature songwriting that came from this little red haired girl all of 20 years old from PEI.  Wow…was all we could say…


The next venue I wanted to get into was oversold so I headed back to the Crown and Moose and checked out Chris ColePaugh who is such a great guitar player I have no words.  What a show!  Then stayed out way too late, drank way to much Guiness, met lots of great people in the crowd…and so ended Saturday.

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