Reduce speed in school zones

The Nova Scotia RCMP would like to remind the motoring public that students are back to school today. With that awareness, the RCMP would like to remind all drivers to be cautious when driving in school zones.

To keep our children safe, please be aware of additional pedestrian traffic near schools when approaching intersections or crosswalks. Parked or stopped vehicles may block your view of a pedestrian. Watch for the school safety patrol in their orange vests and stop as directed as patrollers play a vital role in directing children safely across the street.

In Nova Scotia, the speed limit in a school zone is 50 km/hr when children are present. Please adhere to school and playground posted zone speed limits and slow down when school is in session.

Insp. Sput McCarthy of Nova Scotia RCMP Traffic Services reminds the motoring public that children can be so excited or distracted by school friends, they may have difficulty paying attention to a vehicle’s speed and distance, which may result in them suddenly darting across the road, and into harm’s way. “We are working hard to keep our roads safe, but even one second of driver inattention can result in a tragedy. Let’s all take extra care when driving on our province’s highways and roads. ” says Insp. Sput McCarthy. The RCMP urge you to adjust your driving habits to ensure our children are safe. Do your part by slowing down and allowing yourself extra driving time.

The RCMP and you, making our roadways safer.


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