remembering to breathe + embracing my role as mom for what it is.

remembering to breathe + embracing my role as mom for what it is.

I woke up this morning feeling calm. Rested. Energized. My children were happy and had already eaten breakfast with their daddy. I heard my husband say from the bottom of the stairs, “baby, I’m off to work…time to get up” I threw on my leggings and a comfy top, poured a cup of coffee, kissed my husband goodbye for the day and put on some subtle music that usually helps set the tone for the day and instantly calms the air in my house.

But once the day gets going, it’s not easy to remember to breathe through the frustrations that come with being at home with your children.

The noise.

The never being alone with your thoughts.

The rarity of being able to sit and eat without interruption after interruption.

All the little fires that need to be gently put out that begin the second your feet hit the floor.

Today when my boys started fighting over who had the most blue crayons, I walked away from the kitchen table, stood in my living room, closed my eyes and just breathed. I suddenly heard the ambient music I had playing in the background again, felt the sun streaming through the windows on my back and was brought back to my happy place in just a matter of seconds. My kids had no idea why I was standing there, eyes closed with my hands on my heart, but they took notice and were quiet.

For all of 10 seconds.

Which was really all I needed.

I love being a mother and I love being at home with my children day in, day out nurturing them, playing with them, letting them be who they are and teaching them life lessons at the same time. But not allowing the tension and weariness to set in that often comes late afternoon after pouring so much into my children is something that I very much need to work on.  To breathe through and divert the bad energy.

I came across a wonderful post on embracing your role as mom that really helped remind me of how important it is to continue doing what I do with all my heart, with presence, with gentleness and calmness.

“Being a wife and mother is not glamorous. It is not looked upon with honor in our culture. It is not always immediately rewarded. It is NOT EASY. Being a wife and mother is, however, a high calling. Be here, in the now. There is nowhere more important to be; there’s nothing more important to accomplish.”


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