Reminder not to leave valuables in vehicles

Halifax Regional PoliceHalifax Regional Police would like to remind the public that it’s not advisable to leave valuables in a vehicle while it is unattended, particularly if the valuables are in plain-view.

Recently, trends have been noted in mall and commercial parking lots in the Bedford area, Peninsular Halifax and Bayers Lake, where items, often high-end electronics or laptop computers, are being stolen from unattended vehicles. In many cases the items have been left in plain view in the vehicle.

Theft from vehicles is generally a crime of opportunity, with the sight of valuables being a temptation for would-be thieves. It is recommended that such items not be left in your car at all, but if it is necessary, try to take measures so the item is not in plain sight prior to arriving at your destination.

Anyone observing suspicious activity in or around parked vehicles should report it to police immediately.

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