Reminder: Stop for school buses or it’ll cost you hundreds

RCMP release:

Students across the province are heading back to school this week and the Nova Scotia RCMP are urging motorists to be extra cautious during their daily commutes.

Nova Scotia law mandates that drivers must stop when a school bus has its red lights flashing and its stop arm extended.

“If you see a school bus stopped with its red lights flashing while you’re driving, you must stop, regardless of the direction you’re coming from,” says Insp. Don Moser, Nova Scotia RCMP Traffic Services. “Motorists have a responsibility to slow down and pay attention.”

Failure to stop for a school bus could result in a fine of $410 and six demerit points on your licence. For new drivers, 6 or more points results in a 6-month driving suspension. Drivers can also be charged for passing a school bus with amber warning lights flashing. The fine for failing to pass with caution is $295.

“We want every child to have a safe journey to and from school,” Becky Druhan, Minister for Education and Early Childhood Development said. ”Student safety remains a top priority as students are heading back to class. We are asking community members to keep an eye out for one another, and to take extra caution on the streets, especially around schools.”

The Nova Scotia RCMP will be increasing patrols in the coming weeks to help keep roadways safe for students. Motorists are encouraged to avoid distractions, not drive while impaired, and prioritize the safety of students all year long.

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