Renewed Species at Risk Recovery Teams

New and revitalized recovery teams for wildlife and species at risk will help guide the creation of recovery plans.

Having new teams in place follows recommendations of the auditor general and Prof. Bill Lahey’s Independent Review of Forest Practices.

“The number of endangered, threatened, and vulnerable species has grown in Nova Scotia, and we want to achieve the best possible outcome for species at risk,” said Minister of Lands and Forestry Iain Rankin. “These teams will move forward with recovery planning and help us to meet requirements under the Endangered Species Act.”

The members of the recovery planning teams have scientific expertise or Mi’kmaw ecological knowledge in recovery planning.

The teams will set the goals and objectives to address data gaps or threats, monitor the success of recovery and provide recovery-related advice to government to resolve management questions. Four teams are in place and seven more will be formed.

These are volunteer positions appointed by the minister for four years.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Nova Scotia Birds Recovery Team and, as part of the team, support conservation efforts,” said Acadia University postdoctoral researcher Tara Imlay. “In recent years, we have seen many once common bird species experience steep population declines. This alarming trend highlights the need for conservation efforts across many species.”

In addition to the recovery planning teams, the department is creating an annual recovery action forum that will give interested Nova Scotians a new opportunity to share their knowledge. More information on the forums will be provided soon.

“Many Nova Scotians have generously provided their support to recovery teams over the years, and I thank them for their support,” said Mr. Rankin. “Dedicated conservationists have important roles to play in accomplishing recovery efforts and I encourage them to participate in the upcoming recovery action forums.”

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Source : Media Release

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