reno chronicles #14

Ok…so, it’s not ALL happening, as I thought last week.

Small hiccup…short delay….demo day has been pushed to Thursday. Wonderful contractor is dealing with some “unforeseen circumstances”.

Really, it’s a very good reason…I just don’t want to detail it here. But it was totally unpredictable and a reasonable reason for having to push the start of my job to Thursday.

So, Thursday it is.

Actually, I’ve been really sick…some sort of flu…since Sunday night and have been home in bed for the last two days. Guess it’s a blessing in disguise that there is not any extra banging going on other than what’s already happening in my head.

I did get everything done I need to in advance of demo day, so that’s the good news. I’ve done all the laundry in sight, so that’s good too.

I haven’t had any luck finding a new home for my perfectly functioning “old” washer and dryer though. Seems like no one is interested in buying them, even for a small fee, on kijiji. Conserve Nova Scotia doesn’t pick up washer and dryers anymore through their program…only refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners.

So, if anyone wants them for free, I suspect they will be on the sidewalk sometime on Thursday. First come, first served.

More as it develops!

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