reno chronicles #19

Ok…now we’re really moving!

A slow start at the beginning of the week due to weather, but a very strong finish! I’ll let the pics tell the story of the incredible and exciting progress.

I ordered the flooring this week (not because it’s critical in the project, but because it was on sale this week). I also gave up the dream of using a vintage light fixture that’s got some family history to it because, of course, it’s not CSA approved, so the electrician won’t put it in.

That’s fair…and I learned that it would take more hassle than it’s worth to try to build a new fixture around the old part. So, I did a little shopping yesterday and found a new one that I really like (and was in my budget!)

That’s the update, but here’s the real story of the week…

Early yesterday evening, I find a homeless man trying to sleep in the half build addition…he’s lying down on the floor, eyes closed…

Me: “Excuse me, what are you doing?”

He: “Um…(opening his eyes and raising up to lean on one elbow)…I was just looking for recyclables.”

Me: (although clearly that’s NOT what he’s doing) “sorry, no recyclables here.”

He: (getting up on his feet now and brushing construction dust off him, looks at me indignantly) “WHAT? You don’t recycle?!?”

(As if that’s the crazy thing going on here!)

Me: (somehow hear myself saying) “Of course I recycle.”

He: “Well, will you put them aside for me?”

Me: (finally recovering only a tiny bit of my sensibilities) “Ah…no. I put them on the street for recycling day.”

He: (as he walks away) “Fine, I’ll come by then.”

Me: (left standing there wondering what just happened).

That invaded my private space, and left me feeling uneasy. I didn’t like it. And wished there was a boy here with an hammer or a golf club, or something else that looked menacing to handle this…just in case.

It was also one of those really strange moments where the video and the soundtrack did not match.

And it made for a funny story to tell later that night over wine with friends.

The lesson learned? When you want to totally change the subject at hand, just belt out “What? You don’t recycle?!?” or something else completely unrelated to what’s happening and see how people react.

Can’t wait for next week.

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