Report: Nova Scotia beaches urgently need protection

ecology-action-centre-logoA recent report from the Ecology Action Centre (EAC) is urging decision-makers to act now to protect Nova Scotia’s troubled beaches.

The report, titled “On the Front Lines: Strategies for Healthy Beaches in Nova Scotia,” outlines seven bold beach management goals for the province, along with clear recommendations to help reach them.

The goals are as follows:

1. Nova Scotia’s beaches and coastal systems are protected by strong, enforceable laws.
2. Beaches of Nova Scotia have room to respond to coastal change.
3. Diverse wildlife and vegetation communities thrive on Nova Scotia’s beach systems.
4. Nova Scotians continue to responsibly access public beaches
5. Nova Scotia’s communities are directly involved in beach management
6. Relevant beach management information is available and widely used.
7. Leaders work together to protect and promote beach health.

The EAC report calls for a forceful new approach to beach management that considers the whole ecosystem.

It recommends immediate action such as modernizing the Beaches Act, hiring more beach specialists at the Department of Natural Resources, and creating a beach research and advisory network.

To read the comprehensive 12-page report, click here.

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