Residents Urged to watch driving, Clear Catch Basins with Heavy Rain on the Way


(Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011) – With heavy rain predicted for later today and into Friday, HRM and Halifax Water urge residents to take some time to ensure catch basins and other drainage systems on their property are clear and free from leaves and other debris, to help prevent flooding.
If the weather is severe, municipal operations crews will be on standby to respond to flooding on public property.
Halifax Water and HRM Municipal Operations staff will also be in the field today and tomorrow, checking our stormwater infrastructure and cleaning debris from catch basins, ditches, culverts and storm pipes.
HRM’s Corporate Call Centre will be closed for general information and services on Remembrance Day, Friday, Nov. 11. However, residents can call 490-4000 for urgent issues on flooding, transportation, public works, wastewater, and animal services only. Calls will automatically be directed to our after-hours dispatch service.
Information for Transit, Solid Waste and other general HRM information can be found on our website at ( )
HRM and Halifax Water thank residents for their cooperation.
Police Issue Reminder to Motorists
HRM Partners in Policing would like to remind motorists to adjust their driving habits, especially their speed, based on the changing weather conditions.
With heavy wind and rain forecasted for later today and into tomorrow, motorists are asked to slow down. Speed, in conjunction with water on the road, can result in hydroplaning. This occurs because the vehicle’s tires are unable to dissipate water as quickly as it is acquired. A layer of water forms between the tires and the roadway that can result in the driver losing control of the vehicle. If you find yourself hydroplaning, take your foot off the gas pedal and let your vehicle slow down until the tires make contact with the road. Cruise control should not be used during heavy rain.
Fallen leaves on roads, especially when the ground is wet, can increase a vehicle’s stopping distance. Motorists should begin braking earlier in these conditions and pedestrians should ensure a vehicle is stopped before entering the roadway.
HRM Partners in Policing thank motorists for doing their part to help keep our roads safe.

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