Resolving to stick to resolutions

L-A: We’re finally back! I know, that was a seriously extended holiday and technically, we could have gone back at it for Monday, but we decided to wait to get Toddler G back in day care. And I was just lazy. Anytheway! Resolutions! I suck at these for two reasons: I don’t care to make them and therefore do not bother to stick to them. Because if you never resolve to go to the gym, you will never fail before February hits. But this year, I’m going to try to make a few fashion resolutions.

1. Wear heels more often.

Or wedges. Whatever. Point is, I have a great collection of shoes and I keep adding to that collection, but at the end of the day, I wear a pair of Joe Fresh ballet flats until they literally die. And I don’t use literally lightly. The pair I bought for $6 this summer has holes in the back of both shoes. Quite frankly, this is ridiculous.

2. Wear a pattern other than stripes.

At least once a month. Actually, I need to buy patterns other than stripes. My drawer is all nautical stripes and dark solids. It may actually be reaching a critical level of ridiculous (this is clearly the word of the day). Yet, I cannot stop. First pattern I plan to buy? Plaid.

Resolving to stick to resolutions


In the spring, I may even consider a floral. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much. Just like it’s hard to quit holiday snacking cold turkey, it’s tough to quit a pattern. But I need to try. Because one of these days, clothing companies will stop making all stripes, all the time and my stash will wear out. And I need to be prepared, or else you’ll find me in tears on the bathroom floor trying to draw stripes onto a white t-shirt with a Sharpie. And that’ll be ten different kinds of not pretty.

3. Speaking of my dresser and closet.

Not only are they filled with nautical stripes, but they’re just plain full and unorganized. Perhaps 2012 can be the year when I Start to Get My Shit Together and organize my closet. Starting with a serious closet purge. Because sure the J.Crew halter dress that’s technically a bridesmaids dress is totally cute and a great colour on me, but if I never wear it, the cuteness is wasted. (Unless someone wants to invite me to a fancy summer wedding and the summer around here actually wants to happen).

4. And maybe then I can replace things with colour.

Because what isn’t a stripe, is either black, blue or grey. I need to start wearing colour. Bright ones. And more often. This is a scary prospect. Like florals, there’s something about bright colours that make me want to reach for an ativan. Dark colours are easy and they don’t get noticed. But you know that whole resolution people make to Do Things That Scare You? Well, I mostly scoff at this, but for once, at some point in spring/summer 2012, I will attempt to wear more colour and it will scare me. (I could start tomorrow, but really, I just refreshed the stripe collection when I was in Toronto and bought a navy jacket, so now isn’t the time to buy new, colourful things).

5. Wear lipstick more often.

I stole this from something Ann retweeted earlier today. But lipstick is the one piece of makeup I forget to put on. At the very least, a coloured gloss everyday.

Resolving to stick to resolutions

If I start wearing it more often, maybe I can justify spending money on lipsticks instead of relying on those that are free with purchase. Like Lipstick Queen. There’s something so fancy looking about these lipsticks. I also dig that lipstick (and gloss and lipliner) is all they do. If that doesn’t make the lipstick worth it, I don’t know what does. But I’m getting off topic. Back to my resolution: wear fancy lipstick everyday.

I’m also going to to generally take better care of my makeup brushes, my skin, and whatnot. I usually have pretty decent skin and most people guess I’m a few years younger than I actually am (I assume they aren’t all being polite/feigning surprise when I say I’m not actually 28 or 29, thank you to my mom and her advice about moisturizer) and I’d actually like to keep getting such compliments. And I’d like to stop the recent tendency towards outbreaks. Especially those on my nose.

So that’s my attempt at resolutions. Also I resolve to do yoga until at least March, stick with my Weight Watchers plan, give back to YouTube (you’ll see what I mean by this soon) and try a new cookie recipe or two from my new Martha Stewart Cookies cookbook and calendar (I have both. But somewhat sporadically, as I just mentioned I’m sticking with Weight Watchers). We’ll check back next year to see if I actually managed any of this. Please feel free to share yours as I may want to steal any good ones.

Ally: I share a lot of these with L-A, but there are others that deserve attention as well. Therefore! I will be posting my resolutions (I hate that term) tomorrow. I don’t want to hold readers up anymore in order to get this up and posted for your morning coffee pleasure.


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